Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi guys!
How are you?
The group still alive?
And maybe somebody knows where my moleskin now?

best wishes

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

moly off to rins

went to the post office today and sent my moly off to the netherlands so rins can make another entry. Bon voyage, moly!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My moly

After a two year journey around the world my moly has returned to me. It sports 9 entries so far:
from Juanita/Chile, Lidia and Ramires from Brasil, Tania from the US, Benjamin from Mexico, Alecia from the US, Sudjino from Russia, and Ea from Denmark.
It´s amazing to have it finally back here and to enjoy the different pictures, it´s lovely to see them on the blog, but to feel the different textures and see all the details is truly worth all the effort! I keep discovering new things every time i look at the book.
But there are still books to fil out there and i don´t feel like i´m done yet- the artists working in my book were very economic in their use of pages- only 1 spread each, so there´s a lot more space to fill and some more members in our group who have not yet made an entry in to my book.
So, since there´s not much activity on the blog right now, due to people dropping out etc., wanted to ask- who wants to make an entry into my book? This goes especially to Rins and Sandra, since they are next in line.
Greets and best wishes to all of you, especially to Lidia, parabéns a ter uma filha tão bonita!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hi everybody

I apologize for my huge delay, I've been all the time with my daughter, who made ​​five months eleven days.
I still have two molys me and wrapped me somewhat to end the book of the Rim.

I hope is soon reverse the situation and that our group get out of that "coma".

and to soon be sending  Kidney and Ea´s books.

big hug and apologize once again my dismay.

hugz ♥

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jenny's book

Our group seems to have sunk into a (hopefully reversible) coma. I hope this post might revive a few other members of the group from prolonged slumber - there are still quite a few books out there.

jennys boook in the studio

I finally completed my entry in Jenny's book. This book was one of the first to take off when the exchange started, and it has been around the world - a real moly_x book! It has, however, missed most of our newer members who joined after the group's first serious setbacks. I'll leave it up to Jenny whether the book goes home now or does a round of the missed members first.

chequered moon

Here are some process shots from the studio when I was working on the entry:
adding colour
chequered moon added
completed drawing

There is a small overlap onto the next page :)

So, how is everybody doing? Please check in so we can do a status on the group!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ideas taking shape

I've been working on some ideas for Jenny's book, and here is what things look like at present:

shaping ideas

shaping ideas

I haven't yet decided on which medium I will be using, but am pleased with the idea and elements for the entry so far.

Does anyone else have progress pictures to show?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

News about me and molys with me

Hello staff

My new year started full of news and events important to my life.

I did not comment but was pregnant and my daughter was born on Jan. 11.

this kept me a little away from some activities ... I had to go slower with the university and also with the paint ...

returning to it, I write to warn molys with me, who are of Ea and Kidneys.

I'm living the second week of life of my daughter Bethânia, that means we are synchronizing and am learning to cope with a life that depends on my ... anyway, do not forget my responsibility to the group and this is the reason for my delay ... I hope everyone understands.

I'll be trying to finish my creation in the moly Kidney and after sending to the Mario in Mexico ... hopefully by next week.

hugs for everyone!

obs.:  Bethânia in the picture ;)